A Festival of Flowers

309 Foxton Drive, (cnr. Rowley Road)
Oakford WA 6121

M: 0434 907 691


Emailed April, 2015. " Hello my fair ladies, Oh my God !!!! What an amazing product of creativity you did for our girl's wedding on Saturday.  We were so happy with all the arrangements, pews, corsages and buttonholes, bouquets and Marina's MASTERPIECE Bouquet.

Thank you Thank you, Thank you.  We took 5 arrangements to Pan Pacific and placed them in the foyer. Three of them along a wall in between the two entrance doors either side of wall and 2 arrangements either side of the seating arrangement frame.  Truly spectacular.  We had great feedback fron everyone but most of all Marina and Pasquale. Can't thank you enough for your patience and help with changes when needed.  Your emotional support was so needed and we thank you.  Kindest Regards, Rita xxxx".

Wedding 11th APRIL, 2015.